DSPros is the World’s Most Exclusive Network of Default Servicing Professionals. Our main objective is to connect Asset Managers with the Top REO Agents in the country. In addition, we are looking to mastermind and share ideas in order to build more effective business practices.

DSPros is committed to having only the BEST Brokers in the country in our Network, all of the brokers that join our network will be rigorously screened and interviewed, submitting multiple verified references, and in some cases, will be referred directly from other asset managers who have worked with that REO Agent. This will ensure that only the Best of the Best will be found on DSPros!

Brokers in our network work with Banks and Outsourcers on a daily basis and are familiar with routine
REO tasks as well as the importance of timelines. At DSPros we believe:
  • Early is On-Time
  • On-Time is Late
  • Late is Unacceptable

DSPros is a network of Default Servicing Professionals committed to excellence in all we do, completing all tasks early, and making our asset managers more productive.

Membership is limited to 1 broker per marketing area, with the exception of highly saturated foreclosure markets where there is greater need. In these areas, we will have a maximum of 2 Brokers per area.

If you can’t find a broker in the area you need, email us and we’ll find you a qualified broker ASAP.